Apr 172012

Here’s how to convert the Coromaster Mach II garage opener, or probably any garage opener, to rolling code:

  1. Buy a rolling code receiver, eg. RX1-RC as per ET receivers, and as well as the matching remote(s), as many as you need, eg. TX1-RC (or TX2-RC or TX4-RC if you need to change more channels) as per ET remotes.
  2. Find 3 wires of similar thickness, about 20-30cm in length, depending on where you want to place the receiver. Almost anything will do, even old CAT5 network cable.
  3. Connect the wires to the receiver; I’ve used black for Negative, red for Positive and blue for Trigger, and remember to bridge Common to Negative as well:
  4. Connect the wires to the garage opener. In the case of the Coromaster Mach II, Positive is to the far right, Negative to the left of that and Trigger is second from the left:
  5. Run through the installation manual of the receiver to learn the remote(s) on the receiver.
  6. Test.
  7. Disable the on-board (fixed code) receiver on the Mach II as per my other article.

  2 Responses to “Coromaster Mach II conversion to rolling code”

  1. Hi PI,

    quick question, i can see in the image there are two parts on the panel marked as “12V-” and “12V+”
    Is this for a backup battery? and would it be as simple as connecting the battery negative and positive to the panel’s ports as displayed?
    (and what type of Battery am i buying in 12V? specific code?)

    • Unfortunately those are 12V outputs to drive stuff like external receivers. Connecting a battery there will probably make something go poof. I believe there’s no way to connect a battery to this unit to cater for loadshedding events.

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